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School of Medicine
733 North Broadway, BRB 311
Baltimore, MD 21205

Office: 410-614-3692
Lab: 410-502-0998
Fax: 410-614-1001

Email inquiry: core@jhicc.org


9/2010: Commentary on JHICC regarding automated patch-clamp. Click to learn more.

12/2010: Min Li at JHICC is featured at Profile. Click to learn more.



  The Johns Hopkins Ion Channel Center (JHICC) was founded in late 2008 with an award from the National Institute of Health (NIH). As part of NIH’s strategic funding plan, JHICC is focusing on developing small molecular probes for ion channels and transporters. Ion channels are important protein targets, both for drug development and for understanding basic physiology. They are, however, traditionally difficult targets to investigate by high throughput approaches. The six-year funding initiative from NIH gives JHICC the support to perform high-throughput screens and to continue technological development for ion channels and transporters. We have completed several large scale (more than 300,000 compounds) primary screens and the data are available from PubChem. JHICC investigators are very much interested in and looking forward to the opportunity to work with you on channels and transporters of importance to your research.

Min Li, Director, JHICC

Target Assay Identification   Target Assay Identification
hERG 1511   Kir2.1 1672
KCNQ2 2156
  TRPC4 2227
TRPC6 2550
  KCNQ1 2642
RGS4 463111
  KCNK9 488922
CHT 488975
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