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Johns Hopkins Ion Channel Center (JHICC) is equipped with state-of-the-art robotics and ion channel detection instruments. The facility is located in the Broadway Research Building, with a variety of supporting functions nearby. JHICC leverages its expertise in ion channels and transporters to facilitate probe discovery and development for ion channel targets. Through the MLPCN system, JHICC serves investigators around the country. JHICC offers a broad scope of intellectual expertise in different channel systems, as well as instrumentation flexibility and applicability to diverse systems. JHICC has incorporated a variety of investigator-developed assays, and offers access to an expanding library and information database of small molecules.

work areaJHICC will develop and implement new technology to provide cutting edge solutions to clients. Education and training will also be part of the resource, as students and fellows become familiar with the value high-throughput screening can bring to their investigations.

In addition to the highly integrated state-of-the-art robotics, JHICC has on-site more than 180,000 diverse synthetic or natural compounds, which have been obtained from compound library suppliers, pharmaceutical companies, and university labs. The compound collections consist of both diverse structures and more focused, target-based libraries. In addition, JHICC works closely with other NIH centers, especially specialized chemistry centers, to further leverage its overall ability to provide clients with solutions.

JHICC is directed by Dr. Min Li, Professor of Neuroscience, and has a team of faculty members with expertise in ion channels, medicinal chemistry, and bioinformatics. The center operation is managed by scientists with industrial experience and expertise in assay development, surface chemistry, laboratory automation and project management. JHICC provides services in compound screening, high-throughput experimentation, customized assay development and counter-screens. Our collaborative partners include academic, industrial, and government agencies.

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